Sunday, 29 May 2011

A little about my Erotic Stories

All of my erotic novels are sizzling and steamy and  will leave you captivated from start to finish. If you are a lover of sweet romance stories then my novels are not for you. 
My erotic novels have well developed story lines, however what makes them different from romance novels  is the vividly descriptive sex scenes, so if you know that you'll cringe when reading the words cock or pussy  then  don't waste your time.
Some of the themes  found in my stories range from threesomes, anal, orgies, squirting, fisting, outdoor sex, voyeur and spanking just to name a few.
 I am aware that there are many readers out there with a passion for hardcore erotica from the numerous emails I receive and those readers are the ones that I am searching for.




These might just be the books for you

The Very Naughty Schoolgirl

This is my most popularly sold novel in the Kindle Edition  about a naughty school girl named Emily Pascal. The short story  is very well written. However I must warn my readers that all of my novels are very explicit. Be prepared to  read in great detail about the way in which Emily's Spanish teacher Mr. Santiago punishes her for breaking the rules and teachers her a lesson that she'll never forget.

What kind of erotica turns you on ?

There are many different kinds of erotic fiction and not everyone will have similar tastes. For some people they prefer fantasy sex and role playing, others prefer light romantic erotica but if you're anything like me then you enjoy the kind that really gets you all worked up. I like the more detailed and explicit erotica, the kind that vividly tells of the wonderful sounds of pleasurable orgasms  the smell of bodies glued together with passion and the love making that leaves you breathless.

If you enjoy reading this kind of erotica then my novels are just what you need. You can find them here.