Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Punishing Summer



When Summer receives a surprise visit from Deputy Matthew Hudson , she knows that she is in lots of trouble.
Innocent until proven guilty, she refuses to confess of her crime unless she has no choice but to do so, but deputy Hudson has all the proof he needs and he makes Summer an offer that she cannot refuse. Summer can confess and as a result have a permanent criminal record or she can let the deputy take matters into his own hands to ensure that she never ever breaks the law again.


As a man of the law I cannot allow you or anyone else to think that they can just commit a crime without having to deal with the consequences. ”
The deputy could see the fear register across Summer’s pretty face. Her eyes looked at him pleadingly, silently imploring him to understand.
"I'm sorry,” sir Summer tried to explain. I don’t want to have a criminal record or spend the night in jail.”
“Jail” the deputy repeated with a laugh. “Trust me Miss Evans a night behind bars was not the punishment that I had in mind for you.”
"Well, if I’m not going to jail, does this mean that I'm officially off of the hook?" she asked. Maybe you could suggest something suitable like community service” she offered hoping that she could just put this all behind her and get dinner ready for when her fiancé got home. She’d wanted to do something special tonight since it was their two-year anniversary as a couple. The wedding was just five months away and with all the excitement and planning she wanted to show him just what he’d be getting on their wedding night.
Officer Matthew Hudson smiled. “Actually I do have something in mind but you’re going to have to do exactly as I say and if you don’t then I’m going to have to book you and take you in.” he told her.
It sounded like blackmail, Summer knew it but she was faced with a dilemma and did not have much choice in the matter. The faster she got him out of there the quicker she could go get dressed and ready for dinner and the amazing night that she and her fiancé would be spending together.
“So are we perfectly clear here?” the deputy asked just to make sure that he had her full she consent to their little agreement. His face had taken on a very serious and sinister appearance; gone was the smirk that Summer had seen there when he had first walked through the door.
She nodded her head reluctantly in agreement, and wondered what punishment the deputy had in store for her. Maybe he would order her to do a month of community service or make his lunch or run his errands for him for a week or something. She’d dread having to do the former but at least it was better than having a criminal record or being arrested.
She watched nervously as the deputy walked over and locked her door. Maybe agreeing to his conditions had not been such a smart idea after all.
“Hey what do you think you’re doing? “Why have you locked the door?” she asked.
The deputy ignored her question. Instead he slid the second latch inside the door. Then he turned to face her walking the few small steps which bridged the distance between them. His eyes roamed deliciously over her body and came to rest on the swell of her breasts, which were partially exposed. She could feel his breath against her neck and a strange yet sweet sensation raced down her spine.
“Now Miss Evans, you’re going to do exactly as you’re told, with no questions asked. Are we absolutely clear?”
Summer swallowed the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat. She knew then without a doubt that there was no turning back.


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