Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Read extract from Milk in his Coffee

Milk in his Coffee

 Putting the book aside she continued her fantasy as her strong dark lover picked her up in his arms and carried her off to bed.
Removing all of their clothing she felt his weight beside her on the bed. As she visualized what this dark mysterious lover was doing to her, her hands began to wander in the general direction of her thighs. Sliding her hands inside of her pajama bottoms she lightly ran her finger over her pussy; then she did it again and again, until she became very aroused. She swept her thumb over her clitoris causing it to harden to a tight button of nerves. She breathed heavily as the images of the tall dark stranger making love to her played across her mind. She wrapped her arms around his neck and when he kissed her she opened her eyes. Carey gasped in surprise as the vision of the tall dark stranger suddenly became clearer; in fact he was no stranger at all, but rather he was her boss and temporary roommate Malik Campbell.
Still wrapped in a towel Malik decided to help himself to a glass of water before he finally turned into bed. He found that as the nights grew hotter that he always had to get up and have a glass of water, but he was not at home and he was not comfortable wandering around in Carey’s apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Besides it meant that he’d have to get up and get dressed in order to go to the fridge.

Making his way to the kitchen he fixed himself a large glass of water and drinking it in one gulp poured himself another deciding that he would take it with him in case he got thirsty during the night. Walking back to the guestroom he decided to glance into Carey’s bedroom to see if she was asleep. Before he did so, he checked all the locks one last time to make sure that everything was secured.
Carey’s door was almost closed and only a small ray of light escaped through the crack that remained open. As he got closer to the room he heard faint sounds coming from the inside. His curiosity was more than piqued and although he knew that he should not invade her privacy, he could not resist the strong urge to take a look.
What if Carey had invited a guy over and he was in there with her at that moment? What then? He knew however that she had to be alone because he had not heard her come out of her room to open the door and he hadn’t heard anyone come in either.
When he got to the bedroom door and looked inside, what he saw almost made him drop the glass of water that he was holding.

Were his eyes deceiving him? He wondered. He could not believe what he was actually seeing. He watched as Carey lay on the bed with her pajama bottoms wrapped around her ankle and her camisole top pushed high in the air as she fingered herself and squeezed on her tits.
He knew that he should leave now before she saw him, knew that he should walk away and go back to the guest bedroom and try to get some sleep. But instead he opened the door and walked inside.

“Need some help with that?” he asked as he stepped farther into the room.
“Mr. Campbell……ohhhh Malik…. I was just… what are you doing in my room?” she asked embarrassed that he’d caught her at such an intimate moment.
“You have no right being in here.” She yelled angrily.
“I went to get myself a glass of water and I heard strange noises coming from your room and I wanted to make sure that everything was alright.” Malik explained
 “As you can see I’m okay so can you please go now?”
“Are you sure that everything’s ok?” Malik asked “It sure doesn’t look that way to me.; seems as if you could really do with a little assistance. “He insisted.
“I’m quite fine thank you and I’ll be much better when you leave me alone. “
At that moment Carey was hoping that the bed would just sink in and swallow her into it. This was way beyond embarrassing. How was she ever going to face him tomorrow morning at the office?
“Carey you need something right now and I happen to be the person here that can give it to you, so let’s stop with all the pretences and silly games.”
“I happen to have a man who gives it to me whenever I want it, so I’m quite fine, but thanks for your offer.” Carey explained “Now get out the fuck out” she yelled trying to fight the tears of humiliation that threatened to spill. He was her boss who had walked in on her masturbating, what the hell she was going to do now?
How would he ever take her seriously from now on?  “I bet your man really takes care of business that’s why you’re in your room trying to get yourself off.  Listen Carey I’ve never had to beg or force a woman to sleep with me and I don’t plan on doing so now. So if you say you’re fine then I have to accept that you are. I won’t bother you anymore. Good night Miss Smith and good luck.”
Malik turned around and walked towards the door. He was really worked up by what he’d just seen and he was about to go back to his room and take a long cold shower while he jerked himself off and washed away the visions of Carey’s spread legs and  pink pussy lips which greedily devoured her fingers.
“Malik wait” he heard her say “Please don’t go, I want you to stay. I’m willing to accept your offer to help me out” she explained. She could not believe the words that had just come from her lips and neither could Malik.
“Are you sure about this Carey?” he asked, “Because once I begin there will be no turning back. I’m not into playing childish games. I’m a big man and I take this kind of thing very seriously. We’re both consenting adults and as I said before I’ve never had to pressure or beg a woman to have sex with me and I don’t plan on doing so now.” He waited for her to change her mind and when she didn’t he closed the door behind him, a customary practice that he always did when he was at home, even if he was alone.
Resting the glass of water on her vanity table he made his way to the bed. Stopping a few feet from the bed, he ordered her to stand and take her pajamas off. Hesitating for just a few seconds Carey slid off of the bed and removed her pajama bottom and top. She was naked underneath as he expected her to be.
Feeling vulnerable and exposed she waited for him to touch her or say something. Malik let his eyes wander over her slowly before taking two steps forward.  He was mere inches from her yet he did not touch her.
"First, tell me how much you want my cock", he insisted as he began to rub himself through his towel. "Make it quick", he added. “I’m going to fuck you several times tonight.”
Carey’s mouth watered at the statement that Malik had made. ‘Several times tonight.’ She could not begin to imagine what that was like.
She and her college boyfriend Chad had done it twice in one night and even that had not satisfied her as both times were inexperienced and quick. She stood still, he waited.
“I want your dick Malik; I want you to fuck me hard, like I’ve never had it before.” Malik smiled a knowing smile. "You seem like the type of woman who would harbor some reservations about sleeping with a black man, Carey. I saw the way you looked at me the first time we met at the office. Do you have a problem with fucking or dating a black man?” he asked. He knew that he was probably being too harsh on her but he still had not forgotten her attitude towards him when they first met.
Carey looked down at the floor and pondered her answer to Malik’s question. If she said no then she’d be lying, but if she said yes he might leave and deny her what she so obviously craved. She chose her answer wisely.

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