Wednesday, 1 June 2011


To all of my readers and fans .
As a way to say thank  you for all of the   numerous sales and positive feedback  as well as the constructive criticism, I am offering you this free ebook titled 'A Night To Remember'
Do enjoy and you can look forward to receiving more free erotic downloads from me  in the future

When Laura's boyfriend stood her up on New Years Eve, she feels sad and rejected when she sees all of the happy couples around her. Hurt and very disappointed, she's just about to leave the night club she's at when she meets J.T. Immediately Laura realizes that there's chemistry between them and after one too many drinks she ends up at J.T' s house and the night she experiences is truly one to remember.
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  1. Downloaded this short story from smashwords what more can I say but it was hot and very steamy.For those of you who enjoy explicit erotica then you might like this one. I think I'll get the very naughty schoolgirl